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Periodically, I like to publish guest posts on my blog from people I know. The reason I like to do this is that everyone reads different books and also has a different writing style. As mentioned on my Blog Info page, there are certain types of books that I tend not to read. I’d like my blog to cover as many types of books as possible, as well as many books as possible. Guest posts are a way for me to achieve this aim without having to read books that I know I wouldn’t enjoy.

As a thank you to my guest bloggers, and as a handy reference guide for you, I decided to put all my contributors on the one page, as well as give a link to their individual blog post(s).

Leanne Douglas

Photo of Leanne Douglas

Leanne and I have been friends since we started secondary school together. She currently writes the blog, Rants, Raves and Rambles, which generally deals with beauty but also includes some general posts about her life. Not surprisingly for someone who writes a beauty blog, Leanne knows a lot about make-up and is currently studying to be a make-up artist. She’s done my make-up a few times and I have to say, I’ve always loved it! Leanne also loves reading, which is one of the reasons I featured her as a guest blogger. She also has a Twitter account, which you can find here.

Gary Hernon

Gary HernonAs previously mentioned, Gary is my boyfriend and an active blogger. His blog, The View From The Under Card, discusses current events, trends and issues in the world of professional wrestling. It is therefore no surprise that his guest post was on Heartbreak and Triumph, an autobiography by Shawn Michaels, a professional wrestler. However, Gary’s interests extend beyond that of professional wrestling, such as his passion for music that has previously resulted in him playing drums with a Dublin-based band, You Tell Me. If you want to know anything else about Gary, you can find him on Twitter here.

Sam Malone

Sam Malone

Sam has been a neighbour and friend of mine my whole life and is now studying for a Masters in Literature of the Americas. As evident from his blog post, Sam has an incredible way with words and great insight into literature. Despite the impression that you may be forming of some kind of bookworm who spends his days doing nothing but reading, writing and talking about books, Sam is a very outgoing, funny and down-to-earth guy. I’ve been trying to convince him to start his own blog, as his guest post on my blog received some brilliant feedback. If you’d also like to read more of Sam’s work, go bug him on Twitter and maybe we can convince him!

Megan Reilly

Megan ReillyMegan and I did both our undergraduate degree and our Masters degree together in DCU. That said, it probably wasn’t until later in college that we really became friends. Megan is currently writing a blog all about baking, known as The Mixing Bowl. I previously did a guest post for Megan, sharing my recipe for gluten-free cookies. In return, Megan provided me with a post discussing one of her favourite novels, Poison Study. Megan also has a number of different interests aside from baking, studying and reading; head on over to her Twitter account to find out more!


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